Coronavirus Turns Serie-A into Chaos

Related to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Italian government is taking more serious prevention step. Sports competitions including the Serie-A are terminated until April 3!

Reporting from The Independent, at least 10 matches in the Serie-A have been postponed, as well as the Coppa Italia second leg semi-final matches such as Juventus vs AC Milan and Napoli vs Inter. This is related to the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

Italian health officials say the number of deaths from the Coronavirus has jumped to 107 and the number of cases has passed 3,000. So for the virus not to spread again, the Italian match must also be stopped to reduce outdoor activities for the local population.

Serie-A is the Most Affected League in Europe

In fact, the Italian government insists, the Serie-A will be stopped at least until April 3. If it is still held, then the match will be confirmed without spectators!

“We are heading towards that decision. We are prioritizing public health,” said Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora.

The Serie-A authorities also respect and follow what the government applies. Community safety and athletes are number one.

Last weekend in the 26th week of the Serie-A, there were five matches postponed, one of which was Inter Juventus vs Inter’s big match. The rest are Udinese v Fiorentina, AC Milan v Genoa, Parma v SPAL and Sassuolo v brescia.

No doubt, the number of cases of Coronavirus in Italy has experienced a surge again, so far reaching 655 cases. At least 17 people died from the Coronavirus in Italy.

Spectators who come to stadiums in Italy wear masks Spectators who come to stadiums in Italy wear masks (Getty Images / Michael Steele)

England’s friendly against Italy at Wembley in March is doubtful with regard to the policies of the FA. Can be canceled if the Coronavirus outbreak is getting worse.

Speculation about the 2020 European Cup performances could not be separated from the spotlight. Originally from June 12 to July 12, UEFA was still meeting to decide on the biggest event or postponement on the European continent.

“As we can see, we are waiting. We are monitoring country after country, and football must follow each country’s orders,” said Michele Uva, a member of the UEFA executive committee from Italy to agen sbobet online

AC Milan Play Without Supporters

AC Milan face Genoa in the Serie-A continued without spectators. Rossoneri player, Ismael Bennacer, feels strange competing without supporters.

Italy is the country most affected by the Coronavirus. There are more than 3,000 cases in the land of Pisa, with more than 100 fatalities. Milan vs Genoa at the San Siro on Sunday (03/08/2020) night local time, also became one of the affected. Diavolo Rosso’s first cage match was held closed.

Because of that, Bennacer felt something was lacking. Nevertheless, he prioritizes health.

“It would be strange to play our next match without an audience, but the health of the current becomes the main thing,” Bennacer said in Italian Football. “We will do everything to make Milan proud,” he added.